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Co-Ops for Change

What is Co-Ops for Change?

Co-Ops for ChangeCo-Ops for Change is a grassroots movement to increase awareness both within the credit union community and among elected policymakers that our regulatory leadership should understand and support the cooperative principles. The regulatory process should consider credit unions’ cooperative character, as well as the shared economic value they create for people and communities.

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Co-Ops for Change has three objectives:

  1. To reestablish cooperative principles as the core of the credit union regulatory system;
  2. To provide credit union members and leaders the opportunity to demonstrate support for leadership based on these principles; and
  3. To advance a vision of a 21st century cooperative regulator which will enhance credit union’s contributions from their unique capabilities based on their different design.

An open and transparent selection process for regulatory appointments reaffirms cooperative principles. It will encourage persons with experience, knowledge and understanding of credit unions’ uniqueness to speak openly about their hopes for the movement.

In its first phase Co-Ops for Change wanted to build awareness with a new vision for regulatory leadership. It began with a White House petition launched on February 28, 2013. Almost 6,000 signatures were collected in the first 30 days. Support was widespread with members, CEO’s, leagues, CUSO’s and citizens expressing their support.

The effort also highlighted the need for credit unions to create standing capabilities for educating and mobilizing their “grassroots.” Co-Ops for Change's phases are an ongoing process to help credit unions find and express their “voice” on issues of common concern.

In this next phase, Co-Ops for Change would like to know about YOUR credit unions’ perspective on NCUA exam and regulatory priorities. Please take this short survey to tell us what you think!

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The Next Phase

Co-Ops for Change will be announcing another phase soon. “We’re creating a forum for a number of industry-wide issues, as well as continuing the petition drive,” says Chip Filson. “And we will provide ongoing examples of cooperative principles in action - at the heart of credit union business model and vital for regulators to take into account.”


Podcast #2 Chip Filson & Doug Fletcher
Podcast #1: Randy Karnes and Chip Filson
On this podcast, Randy Karnes, President and CEO of CU*Answers and Chip Filson, Chairman of Callahan & Associates sit down to discuss the Coops4Change grassroots movement and more importantly why there is an urgency for credit unions to activate their voices and participate in the discussion. On this podcast they talk about the need for a strong regulator to uphold cooperative principles and strengthen the credit union brand, the economic climate and why the marketplace is right for cooperative solutions, and several other issues.

Press Releases

Since the launch of Co-Ops 4 Change in February of 2013, Co-Ops 4 Change has launched the following press releases

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Why CU*Answers Supports This

Credit Unions are cooperatives. CU*Answers is a cooperative. This is a driving business model for our industry. Having leadership and regulators in the NCUA who understand these principles reinforces our business model and the day to day choices we make. Cooperatives are built by their members; members who fund and direct their credit unions through elections of leaders, allowing individual interests to align with community needs. Without NCUA board members who respect and understand these principles; the credit union will soon be just another bank. And that is why we are asking you to support this effort. If you are a credit union leaders please complete the survey.

Learn how CU*Answers walks the Cooperative Talk.

Live It! Series with Grand Opening Kit

Cooperative Principles

Every CU*Answers Credit Union is receiving a Cooperative Principles Grand Opening Kit for use in March. You can order an additional print kit that focuses on each of the Cooperative Principles.

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How CU*Answers Walks the Talk

CU*Answers walks the talk. CU*Answers is a cooperative and believes in the cooperative business model. The following sites are just some examples of our collaborative products and thinking:

Cooperative ScoreCooperative Score
Culmination of the 2012 Year of the Cooperative, Cooperative Score serves as a hub for CU*Answers' cooperative efforts in the Credit Union Industry.
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Cooperative Score
Grand Opening Kits and CU*OverDrive
Leveraging collaborative buying power, CU*Answers Credit Unions are able to purchase top-tier marketing plans and collateral at significantly reduced prices. Working toghether, everyone benefits.
Report to Owner
CU*Answers Report to OwnersThe CU*Answers Report to Owners is published biannually as both a financial report and a recommitment to the principles that drive our CUSO. The CU*Answers Board of Directors is committed to providing full disclosure at all times. We encourage you to learn all that you need to know in order to become a fully vested partner.
A collaboration between CU*Answers and FulVew productions. These spots are available to be custom tailored for your CU by adding your logo, web address, and even professional voice over.
PolicySwap, ExamShare
Credit unions are subject to a bewildering number of policies and regulations. In order to assist credit unions with managing their obligations, CU*Answers AuditLink has created several tools to help simplify the compliance process and hopefully reduce the compliance cost burden for each institution. Leveraging the collective knowledge of the co-operative, AuditLink also publishes the Network Compliance Teacher magazine.
Asking The Right Questions and the Financial Literacy Series for Board Directors
Financial Literacy for Board DirectorsCU*Answers believes financial literacy is more than just book learning. It comes from the interactions Board members have with each other and with credit union teams. It comes with the confidence you gain from experience, education, and perseverance as a volunteer. That's why CU*Answers created these 2 industry tools to assist in the Board Room.

The above sites and several more are all listed on our Credit Union industry website;

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